Monday, February 20, 2012

Cinder Discussion #2: Family Dynamics

So happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the book so far! I really loved it:) Lets discuss Cinder's step-family now. How did you feel about step-mother Adri? How about Cinders step-sisters, Peony and Pearl? Did you enjoy these characters or did you feel they were too stereotypical of the fairy tale? 


Christi Snow said...

I thought that the family dynamics were done really well, although I am really curious as to the details of how Cinder was adopted originally by her father. The details on that were really vague so I am assuming that will come out more and more as the story develops in the next books.

I really liked that Peony was on Cinder's side a lot of the time, even though as the youngest, that didn't do much good. I felt like she had a small ally so it wasn't an absolutely horrible existence all of the time for Cinder.

I couldn't believe when Adri turned Cinder over to be basically killed. Even for her, that was pretty evil and seemed to be somewhat out of character. What did you all think of that? It seemed that at times, we would see flashes of some humanity with her attitude towards Cinder and then other times, it was simply utter hatred. I didn't understand the flip-flopping...or was I seeing something that wasn't there?

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I enjoyed the family dynamic as well. I loved the face that Peony was on her side. It helped establish that Cinder could feel love and that she was willing to do anything for her sister. And I actually feel fine about Pearl and Adri. I actually used to have 2 stepsisters and the youngest one loved me and the oldest one did not. So, it resonates.

In response to Christi, I think that Adri snapped when she thought that Cinder caused Peony's illness. I don't think it was a huge step for her. She was so awful to her anyhow. I despise what she did to her in the end, breaks my heart.

Kim Muhl said...

I liked that the family dynamic was similar, but not exactly like the fairytale's. I love that the younger sister liked Cinder, which made her seem more likable. I agree with Christi - I'm curious about more of the backstory of Cinder's adoption.

To me, Adri seemed unstable. I don't know if it was because of the death of her husband or if she was always that way, but I wonder about her relationship with her husband. I agree that she snapped when Peony got sick and then died. Pearl was the classic stereotypical step sister, so nothing about her surprised me

Kathy said...

I agree the family dynamics where close enough to the fairy tale but I liked the difference. I haven't finished it all yet. Just finished Hunger Games so my mind is flying right now. I am really enjoying Cinder and her story.