Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hold me Closer Necromancer..Discussion #1

OOOOOH I'm late, late, late SORRY!! Hope if you've read it that you really enjoyed Hold Me Closer Necromancer!! Here are the first couple discussion questions, I can't wait to hear what you thought!!

Question #1 - When Sam was born, his mother and uncle "bound" him in order to hide and protect him from the evils of the world.  In your opinion, is it ever alright to keep someone from reaching their fullest potential, even if it will keep them out of danger?  Defend your answer.

Question #2 - The narrator switches between first and third person throughout the story.  Why is this significant?  How does the change in narration affect the story?  Explain.


Sherry Campbell said...

Question #1- I think Sam's Mom and Uncle did what they had to at the time. As a parent you do everything you can to protect your kids. Where it went wrong was when he got older he should have been taught how to use his gift.

Question #2 - I didn't really notice the changes- lol I was too busy enjoying the book. :) ha ha.

Kim Muhl said...

1 - I agree with Sherry. His mom and uncle did what they thought was best, to protect him. They should have been honest with him, as he got old enough to understand, and taught him about his gift.

2- I thought it flowed nicely. It showed the point of view of everyone else, while Sam was not around to see it. I think that by not just being in the 3rd person, and being in Sam's head part of the time, he became more likable.

Amy said...

1. I think we all do things that might be wrong, but we feel are right at the time and that his mom and uncle thought they were protecting him from himself and those who meant him harm.
2. I agree with Kim as far as being able to "see" Sam from different points of view, it helped with his character development and I liked him more.