Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Edge of Never ... Discussion #1

I have been counting down the days until we start talking about this month's read... now it's December 15 and time to CHAT!
The Edge of Never
by J.A. Redmerski
If you haven't read it yet, I promise you it is worth your time..
an EXCELLENT read!!
only $2.99 for Kindle
Now, let's start the discussion!!
"What compels any of us to do the things we do when deep down a part of us just wants to break free from it all."
This is a quote from Camryn in the very beginning of the book. She is pondering what she is doing with her life and why. Wondering why people fall into routines of going through the same motions day to day, becoming comfortable in what they know.
She turns to her best friend and poses the question...
"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to backpack across the world?"
{to which her friend replied.. "You're starting to freak me out.."}
What are YOUR thoughts on this premise?
Have you ever wondered why we continue with the ho hum of life when there is so much OUT there.. so much change to be discovered right around the corner, if only we break the cycle of daily routine?
Have YOU personally done what Camryn did?
Decided one day... that's IT. I'm out of here... and found yourself on an adventure that was unscripted, unplanned, with no real destination in mind?
Do you think that people can truly "live" that way? With no ties to a certain place.. drifting along through life, taking it as it comes? Is that a path that can be continued on for more than a short period of time?
How does this lend to the direction the story will take?
Did it entice you to continue?
Once she hopped on that bus... I was SOLD... 100% interested in knowing where her adventure would lead.


Mia Downing said...

My first thought when she took off on a bus is how is she paying for this, since travel is expensive.

When she took off I was immediately intrigued. I think everyone has a sliver of them that just wants to hop a bus and head off for adventure. I also believe in fate, and therefore her meeting Andrew on that bus was definitely meant to be!

What awesome questions!

Kim Muhl said...

Have I do it? No. Have I thought about taking off and just being on my own? Many, may times! I can understand being overwhelmed with other people's expectations and wanting to get away from it all and recreate yourself. Or be your true self.

I also believe in fate/destiny. So, meeting Andrew was meant to be.

LOVED this book, Brooke! You made a great pick!

Latisha said...

I think somewhere in my soul is a gypsy. I love seeing new places, new countries, new parts of the town I live in.
I ran away from my Dad's to my Mom's in High School (had to take a greyhound and everything lol).
Then after Jess joined the Navy. Kendall and I drove from California, to South Carolina by ourselves. This was before internet, cell phones, gps etc... It was just me and my girl and my map. My family did not want me to make that drive, they said it was too dangerous. I had never felt so grown up and proud of myself.
I think there is an inner part of all of us, to have roots, or a home base. So I don't think people can truly live that way forever. I can see the draw an allure for sure!
When she took off, I was like you go girl, and a little scared for her.

Amy said...

I agreed with Mia as first with the money thing..I think there's a little bit of adventure in all of us it just takes different forms and we all have that inner voice named "doubt" that can be pretty hard to squelch. Have I ever wanted to be Camryn? Definitely. But I never have in the literal sense. Well maybe kind of- after I graduated HS I walked into a recruiter's office for the AF and left for basic a few weeks later. I didn't give myself time to think about it. Although, the older I get, I think the braver I become. I find I say to myself alot "what are you waiting for?" when I try to talk myself out of something. I don't think someone could really live that way forever though.

Trina said...

I totally admire her, the money thing never crossed my mind, but to just get up and go...LOVE, then to meet Andrew along the way and read the story unfold, just sooo great.

♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

I would love to just pack up and go on an adventure around the world... Or even hire a camper a can and travel around Australia with my kids and partner hehe. I have never done what Camryn did although leaving my husband of 13 years is kinda like jumping on a bus not knowing what's going To happen or where u will end up.
I did often wonder how Camryn had money at her age and not working? Etc.

Christi Snow said...

I'm too practical. I look at doing something like that and the only thing I can think is, "that's how people end up homeless and begging on street corners." I'm just not that adventurous, but I loved it for Camryn and Andrew. They needed that chance to just "live" and I thought it was perfect for where they were at in their lives.

Amber Hight said...

I love the idea of leaving everything and just going out into the world and seeing what's out there! I love it so much, that when I graduated high school, I went out and joined the Air Force! I loved the idea of traveling to new countries, meeting locals, and learning how to live their way. It was so much fun, and still is! I think the AF keeps us moving enough that I never get tired of life, which is a good thing, ha!

I'm only about a third into the book, but I can't wait to see where the road takes Cam! While the world is a cold and scary place, I fully believe that there are awesome people out there and amazing experiences just waiting for us to find them:)