Friday, February 15, 2013

Daughter of Smoke and Bone~Question 1

Has anyone read the book yet? I'm half way through it! I'm finding it really interesting so far, just not having a lot of solid reading time! 

Since I'm not quite finished yet, I'm going to start off easy!

1. What do you think of the world building? The book, at least the modern day world, is set in Prague. I find this such a romantic setting. You don't see a lot of books in this part of the world! If you could live anywhere else, EXCLUDING any of the 50 states, where would it be??

2. The Chimaera. They are pretty cool, right? From the author page: Chimaera are beings from Eretz that are composed of a mixture of animal and human body parts. "Chimaera" is actually a blanket term that refers to a numerous amount of separate races and tribes that have been united for centuries under a single cause - the war against the seraphim. I loved that this book wasn't about vampires, wherewolves, or horny teenagers looking for their soulmate. At this point in my reading state, I needed something DIFFERENT and the Chimaera really scratched that itch!
When they described Karou's sketches, all the odd characters that HAD to be cartoons, and FICTION, and then we met in real life? Was totally awesome. They really had life and stories. What did you think of this twist on the paranormal?

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Kim Muhl said...

1. I find the world fascinating. The portals and entries to other parts of the world creates this mysterious and romantic feeling. Want croissants? Go to Paris. I think that would be fun.

2. I like the mixture of the different species. Like you, I'm tired of the same old paranormal characters and really like that each Chimaera is different than the other.