Monday, April 15, 2013

Wait for Me: Questions #1

Hi all!

I hope you have enjoyed reading our April book pick, Wait for Me, by Elisabeth Naughton . 
I'm going to start off easy, for those who haven't finished.

1. What drew you into the story? Or, what turned you off?

2. Did you find the story/plot predictable or were there enough twists and turns to surprise you?

3. Let's  pretend you have amnesia....would you want a new personality or would you want to live a different life?


Christi Snow said...

1. I love the whole premise of the story...true love torn apart by a death that didn't actually happen....OMG, perfect for my angsty-loving-reading soul!

2. I thought that the story was amazing. The in's and out's of the whole pharmaceutical/testing/FDA was brilliant. As a writer, I was really impressed by how she wove it all in.

3. Gah...what a great question? I think that I'd want a new personality, but that would also give you a new life. Think about dh fell in love with me a certain way....if that changes, then maybe the things he loved aren't the same. See....this is why I loved this book so much. So many layers of emotion to it all...just bloody brilliant. Someday I want to write books like this!

Great discussion topics, Kim!


Jimmi said...

1. the whole mystery of the story right from the start drew me in...I'm nosy and HAD to know what was up! I really loved the mystery part of the book :)

2. I did not find it predictable at all. In fact, I was totally surprised by the end and had to go back in my mind and put the pieces together. I really loved the whole story and all the characters :)

3. tricky question! if I had a different personality and was around my family/friends from before the amnesia I'm sure my feelings would be hurt if they didn't like me but if I went off and lived a new life somewhere that would be scary, too, with no memories of a past at all. I do know this, I don't want amnesia! lol :)

Trina said...

1. I was drawn into the story from the beginning, when she found the photography, and had to know what was going on, and all the twist and turns..

2. I didn't find it predictable at all, it kept my interest the whole time, I never got bored with the story, and loved the characters in the book.

3. Great question, sure I'd take on a new personality, there's that old cliche, what I would love to do over again, if I was given a chance. There's some things in my life I would love to change.