Saturday, March 5, 2011

Think I'll stay busy while Billy is gone?

So this is a total fluff post, but one I thought you'd all get a kick out of! While I was back home for a visit, I did some MAD book shopping since I don't get a good selection of what I like here in Okinawa. Amazon started shipping our books media mail so as of today I'm STILL waiting on the rest of my BDB books that I ordered the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! So you can see why I felt the need to stock up while I was home:)

Some of them I bought new, but I did get at least 20 from a used book store called "The Book Exchange"!!! I was SO excited to see all my beloved paranormal books for more than half off, I was in HEAVEN!!! As you can see, I loved the March book SO much that I got the rest of the series!!;) Right now I'm reading the Morganville Vampires series and loving it!

What are you guys reading this week? Working on Kiss of Midnight or are you reading something else (don't worry, I won't tell on you!;)


Sarabeth said...

i just finished reading the Trylle Trilogy and hope to purchase Kiss of Midnight tomorrow on my Nook :0)
so jealous you have all those fabulous books! we are lucky to have a discount bookstore in our town (patchogue, ny)-they have all the latest and greatest at 30%+ discount!

happy reading!!!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Well, I WANTED to read Kiss of Midnight. I TRIED to read Kiss of Midnight. Really, I did. But I am a "paranormal" virgin LOL, and it totally freaked me out by page 8! So I don't think I am going to get through it. But I will pop in for the discussions just for fun.

Looks like you had some major fun shopping! Though I am sure you didn't stop at books! What else did you stock up on while you were there? Michael's? Target? Do tell!

Giffysk8s said...
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Christi Snow said...

oooh, I love looking at piles like fun to see what other people are buying, but I can already see that you are going to get me into trouble...a lot of books there that I don't have. ;o)

I am starting a new book today, but have no idea what it's going to be...probably that Jill Shalvis book or Lora Leigh's SEAL series...depends on my mood when I sit down to read... smiles...

Christi Snow said...

BTW, I plan to read Kiss of Midnight next weekend. Honestly, I am scared to start it because I know then I am going to want to go out and buy the rest of the series... ;o)

Amy said...

I actually read Kiss Of Midnight, but it was a couple years ago so I'm going to re read next weekend so it's fresh in my brain. You and Christi are killing me...I can't keep up.LOL..I just started the Night Huntress series...almost done with book one, I took a break to do some crafting and I really like it..I am in the middle of so many series right now because of you two that I'm getting confused. I love used book stores, I used to hit them like crazy, and I just found out they are getting ready to open one in our tiny little town. :)

Christi Snow said...

Yay, Amy! I am so glad that you are reading the Night Huntress series. The end of book #1 and the beginning of book #2 were heart-wrenching for me. Such a GOOD SERIES!!!

Also, an FYI...the Night Huntress World series books 1 & 2 fall between books 4 and 5 of the Night Huntress series. I haven't read them yet (they are some individual love stories for the characters within the Cat & Bones stories) but there are spoilers in book 5 about what happens in them. I plan on reading those other 2 next week...I think.

Amber Hight said...

Sarabeth, how did you like the Trylle trilogy? I have that on my Nook Wishlist because they're all only 99 cents right now! I need to hurry and buy them before they raise the price, lol! Can't wait to hear what you think of Kiss of Midnight!

Vicki--BUMMER! I'm sorry you didn't like it:( Maybe you should start with Twilight and warm up slowly, lol!

Christi--I'm reading the Morganville Vampires series right now and TOTALLY loving it!! After this, I want to read Kiss of Crimson because OMG this is a great series! I ate Kiss of Midnight up in a day and a half (which is odd for me, but I'm on a roll!)

Amy--Do you remember Kiss of Midnight? Did you like it? I can't wait to see what everyone else thinks:) I always think I might be crazy with the books I like but I feel better when others like them too, lol!

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Grrr just left comment and it didnt work! Dont you hate when that happens!!
I was saying wow you really stocked up on books hehe. But am glad you have books to keep you busy while Billy is away.
I cant wait to start kiss of midnight later this week.
Kristy xo

margie c said...

Wow, look at all those books! I really need to get to my local book warehouse (the one Sarabeth mentioned!)
I just finished reading Red Riding Hood, and I'm a bit peeved! but I don't want to ruin it, just in case any of you plan or reading or seeing the movie ;)
I'm re-reading Fallen/Torment, and then plan on starting to read Kiss of Midnight sometime this weekend :) After that, I want to start the Mortal Instrument series!
Lots to do, so little time ;)
hugs, margie

Amber Hight said...

Margie I just bought City of Bones and City of Ashes today at my BX! I was surprised they had them but excited!

Brooke said...

Right now I am reading Spoilt by Joanne Ellis. It was a free book for my Kindle. This book is turning out to be pretty good and has kept my interest. (you just never know what you'll get with those free books)
Looking forward to Kiss of Midnight... hoping to start that one next.
Amber... I've read most of the House of Night series and really enjoyed it. I read the first 5 in a row... that is all our library had, so I moved on to other things while waiting for them to get it. I will have to go back to that series and finish it up. Please share with me what you think of it!