Friday, May 20, 2011

Barefoot... Discussion #1

Hello lovelies!
Sorry it has taken me so long! I have been waiting to see if everyone finished the book. So I chose this book because I have been DYING to read it!....but boy was I disapointed :(.
I wanna hear what you all thought about the book..if you liked it and what you thought of the story line.
Cant wait to hear what you all think...I hope someone like it LOL.
I guess thats the best thing about a book club, being challenged to read things you normally wouldnt and sometimes reading something you thought you would like that is not so good!
Kristy xoxo


Giffysk8s said...

Thanks for choosing the book and leading the discussions this month, Kristy!

To be honest, I guess I am rather ambivalent about this book: I didn't love it but I didn't hate it, either. My own expectation is at fault: I assumed it was a fun "summer read" type book (especially because of the cover, silly me!), but it didn't quite meet my expectation. I don't mind a book about issues or problems or even that is somewhat depressing if I am moved by the plot or characters. Not only did EVERYONE in this book have problems~and BIG ones at that~but I didn't feel very moved or even provoked to deep thought by most of them or the plot. (I won't mention specific characters in case that's a question to come later.) But it was a quick read and I enjoyed actually reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon. That's always a pleasure!

Having said all that, I agree with what you said, Kristy~sometimes it's okay to read something you don't really like just to get out of your box a bit. I'm anxious to see what everyone thinks. Maybe I missed something and will need to take a second look!

Heather said...

Thanks Kristy for hosting this month. This is a new author for me, so glad I found your group.

The cover does make it seem like a fun summer playing in the sun kind of thing. But I actually liked it. Not to complicated, no crying, everybody has a problem to work on.

A couple of the characters did seem kind of dingy and a few things I wouldn't have tolerated in my life, but it's pretend so I was willing to go with it.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I didn't like it. :( I thought the characters were irritating and I thought the ending was too clean. I also felt that it had the potential to be a great book since it could have been so deep but the characters didn't really delve in. I feel like maybe if she had focused on one character and really worked on just one plot then it would have been better.

I didn't think it would be a light summer read since the back of the book seemed pretty deep. I thought it would be more about how these women helped each other through, growing with their tragedies and develop into better people.

Amber Hight said...

I have to admit that I haven't even finished it yet:( It just didn't grab me and I've never been a fan of these sad, dramatic stories. I really did try to read it, but I'd get a page or two in and wonder what my vamps and wherewolves were doing, lol! That is not the fault of the author in any way, I'm just so immersed in this other genre right now and this is a HUGE departure from the steamy romance I'm looking for right now, lol! I do look forward to the rest of the discussion and to see what you ladies thought! I'm going to pick it up and read it all at some point!

Amy said...

Thanks Kristy for hosting this month!!
I have to agree with Ashley, she should have picked one character and stopped there,there were too many whiny people in this story for me to really be able to keep track or want to care about any of them.
I read for escapism so this one wasn't really for me either. I have a friend though who loves these kind of books, and I recommended it her way and she seemed to really like it.;)