Thursday, May 26, 2011

Discussion #2

Bare foot has four main characters, Brendam Vicki, Melanie & Josh. Which character made the strongest first impression on you? Did you find that your favorite character shifted as the novel progressed?
Or  did they all annoy you LOL.

Kristy xox


Roxy said...

Hey ladies, I'm new here, but I love books and scrapbooking, not necessarily in that order! I haven't read "Barefoot", but Kristy, your comment made me laugh! Hopefully I'll be joining in on your next book.

Heather said...

Hey Everyone-
I didn't per say have a favorite character. They just all seem to just go along too me. Nothing to exciting, but no crying either.. :O) And yes there was some annoyance for me also.

I've started the next book The Wish List..

Amy said...

I feel like I should be apologizing here..LOL..but I just couldn't really get invested enough in the characters to have a favorite..:)

Giffysk8s said...

I'm not sure I have a favorite. I liked Josh the best~or at least he was the one whom least annoyed me. LOL His indiscretions and attitude can be attributed to youth, ignorance, and having led a very small-town life. (I live in MA and can confer that Nantucket is a VERY small town life.) In my opinion, he was the only character who actually showed any empathy towards anyone else. The 3 women were totally self-absorbed and selfish. Not that they didn't have reason to me; but with the exception of VIcki, they were all somewhat responsible for their own situations yet failed to see their own fingerprints upon their situations. I really think that he is the only one who actually learned anything through his experience. I'm not sure how different the lives of the 3 women would actually be after their summer together.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I have to agree that Josh was the one person I liked best and that I found grew the most in this book. I liked him because he seemed to be very mature and grounded for a boy of his age.

I empathized with Vicki the most since she's about my age and has small children. I also feel like she had reasons to be more self absorbed and I was ok with it coming from her. Even then, she still thought about her husband and children. The other ladies only thought of themselves and it just killed me!