Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scent of Darkness Discussion Part 1

Hi girls!! I'm so happy that you are reading along with me and that you are enjoying what you're reading (from what I've heard.) I'm gonna go kind of general on the questions at first since I know not everyone is done.

1. What do you think about this twist to the normal shapeshifter/demon folk lore?

2. How do you feel about the Wilders being able to break away due to love?

3. Feelings about the "icon" element of this book?


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...


Christi Snow said...

Geez, no easy starting questions for you, huh? LOL!

I really liked the shapeshifter/demon aspect of the book. I love books that feature shape-shifters and found it interesting to add the pact with the devil aspect to that and their increased in powers vs. the cost of those powers.

I also like the "Wilder" aspect and that the mom is a gypsy. I looked ahead at the descriptions of the next 3 books and found spoilers with Firebird and how she is a miracle for the Wilders that I wish I didn't know yet. I like the fact that love can overcome evil, but am interested in how this will actually play out over the next 3 books.

I understood the icon, but didn't necessarily think that the book needed that aspect to the story. I found it interesting that it burned and it seemed like Ann burned him sometime too (when their bloods were mingling--or was it that his blood burned her.) I felt like there were a lot of things about that aspect of the story line that weren't answered and just left more questions than were answered.

I was just sitting down to write my review. I enjoyed reading the book, but there were aspects to it that I had issues with (Jasha is TOO alpha for my taste...and I honestly didn't even know that was possible. LOL!) I am looking forward to discussing this one. Then I may have to revise my ratings.

Has anyone read the other 3 books??

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Sigh...I thought these WERE the easy questions!

1. I think it's an interesting twist. I always think that whenever an author is creative enough to give some sort of spin on how demons/shifter/vampires/etc... are made that it's great. It takes something you know and gives you a little something to think about. Kind of fun.

2. I get that love conquers all and I'm happy for them. It's nice that love gave them the strength to escape as it were.

3. I, too, find the icon unnecessary. She could have just given the twist that when the kids fell in love, then the spell would be broken again. You know what I mean? I kind of feel like it's forcing people to love someone they might not love.

Christi, I'm VERY surprised to read your feelings for Jasha. That is actually a question I was going to ask later on about alphas. :D

Amber Hight said...

1. I enjoyed the folklore behind the shifting and the deal with the devil. I think that's a story arc I'll be interested in following.

2. I gotta admit, the story lost me a few times with the family breaking away and breaking their end of the deal. I had to go back several times to remember exactly how it happened and I got confused between the wilders and varinski's and all the Konstantines, lol!! I do enjoy a HEA though, so I'm glad that *so far* it's working for them!

3. The icon element is definately an interesting angle, but like Christi, it lost me a few times. The icon shows up out of nowhere and then pops back up every once in awhile through out the book. I am easily confused so I still don't really grasp what happened with it. The devil flung the four icons in the four directions and that's as much as I remember. I gotta be honest though, I'm not super at soaking in all the details in a book, which is probably why I don't do book reviews, lol! I do love to read all of you ladies' thoughts though, gives me something to ponder:)

Yes, lets talk about Jasha next cause I want to punch him in the mouth, lol!!!

Amy said...

I did like the twist on the whole shapeshifter thing, the pact with the devil etc. It was new which made it interesting. I do think I will continue with this series, because I think I might like some of the secondary characters better than Ann and Jasha.
Is it true that this book was actually written after the other 3 as a prequel? I had heard something about that and was curious.
I'm not sure if it's just the way his character came across, but I have to agree with Christi on Jasha. Sometimes, I think I judge a character to harshly in a series and find myself later going back and changing my opinion but I don't think that will be the case with him. I just didn't like him, and so I had trouble with reconciling the fact that anyone would want him. It also really bugged me that Ann had to change to grab his attention..I tend to like girls who are strong and kick a** so that gave me trouble here.
The Icon thing...I have to admit I was like "huh?" and found myself skimming whenever the story ventured that direction and didn't get lost, LOL, so I don't think it needed to be there ;)