Monday, September 19, 2011

Scent of Darkness Discussion Part 2

Ok, so let's talk about Jasha. I love him! Is that horrible? What kind of modern woman am I? But honestly, I only like these SUPER alpha characters in books.

1. What do you think of Jasha?

2. What makes a good alpha in your opinion?


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...


Amber Hight said...

Oh Ashley...what is wrong with you??? BWAHAHAHA! I kid!! Okay, I liked Jasha a little, he had moments where I thought I'd really like him! But as a whole, he was, as Christi put it, TOOOOO ALPHA! He bordered on violent at times and I'm not into that kind of guy. Maybe it was because he was a wolf, and the beast seemed to take over when he was aroused or whatever, but alot of the love scenes almost felt like rape to me. You know she doesn't want it, but her primal needs sort of "excused" what he did and made it seem like she was into the love-making or even craved it. Maybe on some levels she did, but I didn't really like how forceful and heavy-handed he was.
He didn't like to let Anne think for herself or have anything her way. It always had to be Jasha's way...or Jasha's way, lol!!! I DID like how protective he was of her, and how excited he was to introduce her to his family. I thought all of that was sweet! And when the family wanted to take the icon from Anne, he insisted that they let her keep it. That was pretty awesome of him:)

For me, a perfect Alpha is strong and knows what he wants, but he doesn't plow down everything in his path to get his way. He makes compromises with his heroine and lets her make decisions as well. Sometimes the alphas are a little too much like a daddy and think they know best and the silly woman will only get in trouble if she's allowed to have her way. Granted, that's the way alot of these books go, but I like an author who can create a well-balanced alpha and a suitably strong heroine.

Amber Hight said...

Also, I hate his name, haha! Why can't it just be Josh or Joshua? Freakin' PNR books always have to have weird unpronouncable names, lol!!!

Christi Snow said...

Can I just "ditto" what Amber said? I need more coffee and to step out of the book that I am currently reading before I add anything deeper. Will be back...

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I apparently need to read the book again. Because I didn't get the rape overtones you girls are talking about. And I'm pretty sensitive to the subject. I think I did come off reading a couple BDSM contemporary romance books before so perhaps my mindset wasn't where it could have been. I do think that if Ann had said no, he would have stopped and that's really what rape boils down to.

I gave it more thought and I thought when he said he could sense her arousal, he meant her emotion. However, if they just meant her secretions, then I'm less ok with it.

I'll be back after I take Brady to school to talk about what I like in an alpha.

Amber Hight said...

Ashley there were times when she didn't want to have sex, and you could tell, but like I said earlier, as much as she didn't want it, she didn't fight it either. It just felt like she was unwilling so he'd try harder to get her to want it, not necessarily with the intention of rape, kwim? And you could be right, if you read the more hard core erotica, maybe this is the norm for that type of genre, I'm not used to it though so it kind of threw me for a loop:) Not all the sex scenes were like that though, I remember the one on the rock where Anne took control, YOU GO GIRL! LOL!:)

Amy said...

Something about him just screamed smarminess to me..ducking under table..LOL. Why he would bother me when so many other Alphas don't, I'm not sure. Maybe I needed for Ann to be written as a stronger character and it wouldn't have bothered me. It didn't so much come across as being close to rape to me as it did Christi and Amber, because she never said no. But it bothers me when a female lead is written as if she is saying no, but is really saying yes. Am I making sense?

A good alpha=Jericho Barrons
nuff said ;)

Christi Snow said...

Okay, I had to go pull out my 245. Just the terminology does not sound like consensual sex:
"he was done waiting."
"she flailed"
"he held her vulnerable to him"
"he simply took"
"she was angry"
"he wasn't gentle"
"the son of the bitch laughed"
"she surfaced to fight him"

She may have ended with a climzx, but there is nothing about this scene which seems consensual to me. Maybe I am just writing more into it, but it just rubs me wrong.

Amber Hight said...

Yep, those were my feelings too Christi!

Aside from that though, I really did enjoy this book!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I think a good alpha should be:
~strong: emotional, physically, and mentally
~protective not only of his love interest but as his family

The reason I liked Jasha so much is that he was a man with a plan. He was so prepared and calm in rough situations. He loved his family and respected his mom and dad a lot. He was smart and business driven. I understand that his overt and aggressive sexual was too much for some tastes but I do love the scene where he told his dad what he did and he was so willing to take any punishment that came with it.