Monday, November 14, 2011

Angel's Blood Discussion #1

So, I'm a few hours early...
but I figured what the heck?

angels' blood

What did you think of the whole Vampires made by Angels idea?
The author's writing I think is especially descriptive while keeping me interested
I'm not bored by the details as I can tend to get sometimes,
What did you guys think?
I can't wait to hear....


Christi Snow said...

Okay, I am on page 102...I'll finish it today, but I had to chime in...OMG, I am loving this book. The premise is so completely original and I LOVE it!!

Christi Snow said...

I just finished!!! OMG, this book was GOOD!!! Just got online and ordered the next two. I was so shocked at the end to find out exactly "why" they have to create vampires....this book and the premise are so freaking creative!!

Amy said...

There are actually 3 more right now, but the fourth one is Dimitri's story. It seems like a lot of focus on one couple, but it allows you time to start to get to know all of the supporting characters. I can't wait for Illium's story :). I really loved the originality of this storyline. This author is amazing and painting a world you want to live in and characters you want to know.

Christi Snow said...

oh yeah...those blue wings are HOT! I loved the part where he was worried about his baby feathers after he was injured...too funny!

I really wanted to buy physical copies of the books, but my bkstore is out, so for now, I am having to deal with kindle versions, so I only bought the next 2, knowing that #4 just came out so I should be able to find it easier.

I have other books that I need to be reviewing, but I am going to ignore that for tonight and get started on book #2...hehe!

Fantastic choice this month, Amy!! smiles....