Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angel's Blood Discussion #2

Elena has a lot of internal struggle in this book

Fighting her attraction to Raphael

and even Dimitri

Asserting herself as a hunter to be reckoned with

her memories of her childhood and struggles with her father

(this storyline develops so well in the next two books)

What do you think of her struggles and how she handles them?

How do you feel about Elena as a character?

Do you think she's strong enough to hold her own with Raphael?

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Christi Snow said...

I love how strong of a character Elena is and how she won't back down even when she is pretty sure her actions are going to mean sure death.

I am probably biased about Raphael because I am halfway into book#2, but I love how she seems to steady him and the way her resistence to his dictates seem to moderate and aid in his humanity. I love the way that Nalini has written their romance. smiles...