Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey Discussion #4

Let's talk about the supporting characters.

1. What do you think about Ana's friends and family? Kate? Jose? Her mom and "dad"?

2. What about Christian's family? Elliot? Mia?

3. How about Taylor?


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

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Jimmi said...

1- I feel like I can relate to Kate more than Ana so I like her, Jose seems like a typical guy, lol, normal. Her mom seems more normal than Ana made her out to be in her dialogue talking about her and her dad liked Christian a little too much right away not normal for a dad! He didn't "grill" him or give him a hard time like dads tend to do to their daughter's suitors...

2- Christian's family seems very normal to me, I work with these kinds of people, LOL...Mia seems sweet, Elliot is seemingly normal. His parents are loving and seem like honest people.

Amy said...

I felt I could relate to Kate. Jose kind of got on my nerves. Christian's family seemed normal..which is kind of abnormal if you think about it. I'd like to read a book about Taylor, I think I'd like his story more.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

1. I am not terribly found of many of those people. I do like her mom though, she seems really sweet and she gives good advice. I can understand Kate. She's overprotective of Ana but that makes sense b/c Ana's so innocent. She's like a big sister. I don't mind her. I think Jose is just kind of dumb. Honestly, he was way too forceful with Ana and he just seems like a lame college boy. I don't really feel anything for Ray b/c he doesn't talk much. He did seem to get won over by Christian way too fast.

2. I LOVE Christian's family! It does seem a bit odd that they are so normal and well rounded. I really like Elliot, he seems genuine and fun. Mia too. I wish they were both in the book more.

3. Taylor seems really interesting. I would love to see a book about him. I like him a lot and how sweet he is to both Christian and Ana.