Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trained for Seduction Discussion #6

What did you think about the split personalities for Chase and Kate? (Chase/boss; Kate/Emma) 

Kate is pretty kick-ass. Which do you prefer?
 Her kick-ass persona or her crazy-smart lab persona? 

Chase as the boss is very control oriented, but that definitely overflows into his boyfriend (Dom/sub) persona too? What about his need for control?

Which persona did you prefer for both characters?


Kim Muhl said...

I really liked the multiple personalities. Kate/Emma had her kick ass side (my personal favorite) that wasn't afraid of anything,and the vulnerable side that needed to be controlled/dominated.

Chase definitely let his guard down when his boss side was put away. I liked seeing his softer side with Kate. He was less of a hard ass that way. His need to control is his way of taking care of what is his. While I like a strong alpha/dom male, I prefer Chase's softer side.

Latisha said...

I would imagine, with a job like theirs that it is pretty normal to have two completely different sides to oneself. I liked the openness they were able to have about the different facets of themselves, I think it made the book more honest.

Anso said...

I think in both cases I preferred the softer sides (ie Emma and Chase). But that doesn't mean that I didn't like the other sides to them too.