Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trained for Seduction Discussion #8

Did the Paris reveal surprise you or did you see it coming? How did it affect your view of Chase and Jake’s friendship? What about what Chase did to break up his marriage with Diane?


Kim Muhl said...

I was surprised but not shocked about the Paris reveal. I was expecting more of a conflict about a woman but it does explain why Chase and Jake are such close friends.

I cheered when it was said what Chase did to break up his marriage. It was shocking but good that he initiated the breakup, even if it made him look "bad".

Christi Snow said...

I loved this twist. I thought it explained a great deal about the relationship between Jake and Chase and how close they are. I am a HUGE m/m fan and would love it if they ever went a bit "further" although I don't think that Chase would ever allow it.

I did love that was what Chase did to break up his marriage. It showed that he truly and honestly just is a nice guy. He couldn't stand to truly cheat on her so he did it the only way that he could.