Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Final Discussion for Jenny Pox

Hello Lovelies,
So we are up to the final discussion for Jenny Pox, it sure has been fun hosting again :)
So my final question for you guys...what did you think of the horrific ending?
And last of all, do you think you will read the next book in the series called Tommy nightmare?
Kristy xx


♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

I kinda felt like I was having an out body experiece...thinking is this really happening?
And as much as I would love to find out in Tommy Nightmare if Ashleigh comes back...Im not in any hurry to read it.

Kim Muhl said...

The ending completely shocked me! I was not prepared for how much damage would be done. I did really enjoy the book, but I'm not in a hurry to read the next one.