Friday, September 21, 2012

Jenny Pox Discussion #2

Hello and TGIF!!! and a bonus for me as its school holidays here for 2 weeks YAY for sleep ins and reading in bed.
So ready for our next discussion.... Do you think Ashleigh was the Villan or did you feel sorry for her?
Cant wait to hear what you think.
Kristy xx


♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

I do think she was the Villan or better word a BITCH...but I often feel sorry for people who are that horrible because it makes you wonder what made them that horrible? Have they not been shown how to interact nicely with people etc? Thats just my though.

Amber Hight said...

Oh she was definately the villain, but she was an awesome villain! I hated her so much, lol! She was so two-faced and manipulative. I guess I'd feel more sorry for her if we saw that she had some kind of remorse for what she did, but she didn't. She loved being bad and loved to control people. But like Jenny had said somewhere in the book, I'm glad Ash had the power of love and NOT the pox, can you even imagine? LOL!

Trina said...

Totally agree with you Amber, she was a great villain, and if she had the pox, she would be worse.

Kim Muhl said...

I feel exactly the way Amber does. Ashleigh was the villain and a darn good one! If she had any remorse then I could have sympathized with her, a little. But, her manipulative ways just really made me hate her so much. I can't even imagine what she could have done with the pox. {shudder}