Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jenny Pox Discussion #1

Warning may include spoilers

So this month we are discussing Jenny Pox by J.L Bryan, if you have a kindle it's still free here over at Amazon!! I actually paid for my copy as I brought it late last year and just so happened to be a bonus that when I chose to review this book for the Chic Lits it was FREEEE so make sure you go on over and grab it.
I'm still not quite sure what I thought about the book, I'm trying to process the ending..... anyway moving on.
So the first question I want to ask is, which of the 3 powers would you want if you could choose?

Kristy xo


♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

I would choose the LOVE power, but would use it for good, like spreading love over the world and making all the bitter negative people happy.

Amber Hight said...

Man that's a tough question, I'd really love the healing power the most I think, I used to want to be a nurse when I was a kid, but then when I grew up knew I didn't want to do all that school, lol!! If I could just heal with a touch, that'd be AWESOME!~! The love power would be pretty sweet too, but I don't think I'd like it unless I could turn it off. How could you ever be sure people loved you for you, and not because they were persuaded, kwim? So I guess I'll vote Healing Power!!

Brooke said...
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Brooke said...

Even though we are supposed to choose one... I am going to have to vote for NONE of the powers. I wouldn't want the responsibility that certainly would accompany that kind of force within a person... eek! It would be too much to handle morally and mentally for any human, in my opinion! I do however think that it makes for an awesome fictional storyline! The author giving each of the main characters a specific power is really cool. They definitely didn't hold back in using those powers either.. wowza! :)

Kim Muhl said...

I really enjoyed the story! Thanks for picking something so different, Kristy!
If I HAD to choose a power, I would want the power to heal. It's the least hurtful of the 3.

Trina said...

I'd pick the power of healing, I work in healthcare already, and just watching patients, the politics, bureaucracy, I would LOVE for them to the elder population to get treatment, and not worry about finances, or not watch my friends or family suffer, when they've battled cancer.