Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite Chick Lit book of all time...

We all have favorite books...classics where the stories will live with us forever.

But today, we are talking Chick lit. Do you have ONE book that you read over and over? What is your favorite Chick Lit book of all time?

Let's dish! Leave a comment!!! Oh and give us the story overview if you have time!


Christi Snow said...
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Christi Snow said...

*ugh* Sorry, had to fix the typos!

My all time favorite is Perfect by Judith McNaught (1993) and I still have my original hardback. Here is the description from the dust-jacket:

Julie Mathison was a spirited beauty who passionately lived her ideals...proud of the respected role she had made for herself. A third-grade teacher in a small TX town, she was wholeheartedly devoted to her young charges, and a true pillar of her rural community- far different from the 11 yo product of Chicago foster homes who had flirted on the fringes of juvenile delinquency. Adopted by the Mathison family, Julie had blossomed under the love, emotional support, and trust they showered on her and had grown into a lovely and vivacious woman. Putting her past behind her, she was determined to give back all the love and kindness she'd received; nothing and no one would ever shatter the perfect life she had fashioned.

Zachary Benedict was an Academy Award-winning actor/director at the pinnacle of his career, a man whose personal charisma had captivated every woman in the country- until he was convicted of murdering his wife. The tall, ruggedly handsome convict endured his prison time: living for the day when he could break out, prove his innocence, and find the real murderer, who had cheated him out of his happiness, his future, his fortune- his very life.

Zack's carefully planned escape from the Amarillo, TX prison went awry; stranded at a roadside cafe, he was desperate to reach his Colorado hideaway. Pretending to fix a car tire for a lovely woman, Zack abducted her and forced her to drive him north. His terrified captive was none other than the decorous, demure, law-abiding Julie Mathison.

On a dangerous, suspense-filled drive to Zack's mountain retreat, Julie would experience warring emotions, from fear and outrage to unspoken desire and the whisperings of a hesitant trust. Her instincts were too strong to ignore; although she had been virtually kidnapped by him, she began to believe in Zack's innocence. Alone together, high in the mountains, she and Zach would give full and sensual expression to the passion smoldering between them. But their most terribly test lay ahead: one that would drive them bitterly apart. Only faith and the sudden intervention of fate could give them both the magical moment to affirm what their hearts always knew...that theirs was a love beyond measure, at last and forever PERFECT.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I bawl every single time I read it and I try to read it at least once a year. This will forever and always be my favorite Chick-lit read!

Jimmi said...

No, I don't think I have a favorite book of all time, now that I think of it.
I have a hard time re-reading any book. I tried to re-read the Twilight series just because everyone else was doing it and I couldn't get into it.
Same with movies...I really never watch a movie again, once I know what happens I completely lose interest.
can you say "short attention span"??
lol :)

jan farnworth said...

now books it hard for me to re read them to unless i need to for a movie like the twilight ones i did kind of re skim them so i could make sure i had the details right same with the harry potter ones. Now i can read the anne of green gables series over and over love that series and the movies they made from them.

movies i have lots of those i love to re watch serendipity is my all time fav along with several others but i won;t read to much away from the topic at hand.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I have no idea what my favorite book is. Can I get back to you?

Amy said...

I'm going to go with the first thing that comes to my mind and say Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. It's this great romantic suspense, but it also made me laugh out loud, Jaine Bright and Sam Donovan are a heroine and hero that I just wanted to cheer for and I love the relationship between the four women in the story. I've read it several times, one of the few books I've ever been able to do that with.

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Oh gosh this is a trciky one! I have read tons of chic lit that I love but none that are sticking out to me...and there is only one set of books that I read twice all 6 books again and...its not really chic lit..I would say paranormal..romance? lol. "Vampire Academy" series.
I do LOVE all od Lauren Weisburger's books and could probably read them more than once even though I havent yet lol.

Kristy xox

Stephanie said...

hmmm...the ones I've read over & over would have to be the Twilight books & Sookie Stakehouse Series(aka True Blood). Luv the show on HBO!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, gosh~my mind is blank on this one. Can I claim grandma brain? LOL

margie c said...

I was completely addicted to reading Twilight over and over, but have stopped... same with all the Harry Potter books. I've read The Notebook and Love Walked In a "few times" too ;)

Amy said...

Stephanie..OMG another "Truebie"!! LOL-Love the Sookie Stackhouse series and I'm a huge TB fan too!! I am so hoping that season 4 follows the book fairly closely, because it was one of my favorite ones of the series..what do you think?

My Scrap Diary said...

Hi Amber-
Oh my gosh, I have several favorite books. Where to begin...hmmmmm :)
Ok Ill begin with the books that started it all, "Jemima J" by Jane Greene and "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. And then ofcourse there is the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. And lastly, "Summer Sisters" by Judy Blume. I dont know if this one would fall under chick-lit but I really do like it and Ive re-read it many times that I bought a hardcover to replace my beat up paperback, lol :)
Jess M

Stephanie said...

Amy...I'm so behind with the seasons. I've been waiting for the dvds. So unfair! I do hope season 4 is fairly close because I have to agree with of my favorites!

Brooke said...

hmm... I do have some favorites.. but they probably don't fall under the Chick-lit category... one book I have read at least 3 times is BackRoads by Tawni O'Dell.. it is totally disturbing... yet captivating... :)
Harley Altmyer should be in college drinking Rolling Rock and chasing girls. He should be freed from his closed-minded, stricken coal town, with its lack of jobs and no sense of humor. Instead, he's constantly reminded of just how messed up his life is.
With his mother in jail for killing his abusive father, Harley is an orphan with the responsibilities of an adult and the fiery, aggressive libido of a teenager. Just nineteen years old, he's marooned in the Pennsylvania backwoods caring for his three younger sisters, whose feelings about him range from stifling dependence to loathing. And once he develops an obsession with the sexy, melancholic mother of two living down the road, those Victoria's Secret catalogs just won't do the trick anymore. He wants Callie Mercer so badly he fears he will explode. But it's the family secrets, the lies, and the unspoken truths that light the fuse and erupt into a series of staggering surprises, leaving what's left of his family in tatters. Through every ordeal, the unforgettable Harley could never know that his endearing humor, his love for his sisters, and his bumbling heroics would redeem them all.
Funny and heartbreaking, Tawni O'Dell's pitch-perfect characters capture the maddening confusion of adolescence and the prickly nature of family with irony and unerring honesty. Back Roads is a riveting novel by a formidable new talent