Friday, January 21, 2011

How do you read? Traditional books or E-Reader?

I was downloading some books today and got to wondering how you ladies read? Traditional books or do you have an E-Reader and if so, what kind do you have?

I do a mix of both. If I find a book I want in the bookstore I go ahead and buy it because I will forever love the feel of a real book! Having said that, I also REALLY enjoy my Nook! It's nice to be able to hold it with one hand and push a button to turn the page, lol! Wow, I really sounded lazy right there, ha! I got my Nook last March and have read quite a few books on it. I also have an iPad but haven't read a book on that yet, I prefer the e-ink of the Nook, plus I don't like the backlight on the iPad.

The other day I picked up my Nook to read and the battery was dead. How funny to hear myself tell Billy I couldn't read because I needed to charge it's battery, lol!


♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

I have a Kindle, and mostly read on that unless there is a book not available on it then will read a paperback.
My kindle leather pouch has a light that pulls out and is perfect for night reading!
Kristy xox

Amy said...

I used to go to the library two or three times a week, I love that you can "order" your books online and then go pick them up...that was before I got my NookColor last Friday...apparently I am now hooked on instant gratification..LOL..I wasn't sure if I would like it which is why I held off so long because I like acutal books the way the feel and smell and the covers...ok I got over it pretty quick. Not to say I don't still love to go to hang out at B&N, if you take your Nook there, you can sit and "preview" books for hours,but there's something to be said for my being able to wake up at 3am on Tues am, download my copy of Shadowfever and dig in, all from my bed.
Plus being able to adjust the font, brightness, background etc is a plus, and being able to search the web, email, fb etc oh yeah, and you can get magazines too....without moving is also so cool...
so now who's lazy..LMAO!

Giffysk8s said...
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Jimmi said...

I'm a Kindle girl, love it.
I don't buy any "real" books anymore, haven't since I got my Kindle about a year ago.
I did borrow a book in the series I'm reading from a co-worker because she had it and I was feeling wasteful for buying them on my Kindle when she had them right there and my husband saw me reading it one night and said "what the heck are you doing holding a book??" I guess it had been a long time since he'd seen that, I went and bought the rest online ;)
My daughter, mom and sisters all have Kindle's too, I suppose we are a Kindle family.
I also love that I can go over a month without charging it, that's super handy!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I don't have an E-reader so I'm stuck with regular old books. I'm ok with it though, I do love curling up with a book or sitting in a bath with a book. Maybe someday I'll make the crossover.

Christi Snow said...

I am a real book girl and can't really imagine that ever changing. I love being able to look through my shelves of books and quickly being able to flip through a favorite book to find a favorite scene. I also really worry about my beloved paperbacks going away...esp. from the lesser-known authors. Already you see things coming out as e-books only. I just don't like not being able to have it in paper form.

That being said, I really, really wish that when I bought a book, that it came with some sort of code so that I could download it onto a reader...just like you can download a real cd into iTunes when you buy a true cd.

I understand and LOVE the convenience of the readers esp. for traveling and knowing how quickly I read....I can travel with 10+ lbs of books for a 3 day trip. I just see publishing going by the way-side without us having the option so I have a REALLY hard time supporting that industry. ;o)

BUT I would LOVE to be able to have that instant gratification that Amy is talking about!!!


Angie Blom said...

I love the traditional book. I love the smell of a new or old book..but my itouch has apps for reading material so I will read on that too.

Lisa said...

My lovely husband bought me a NookColor for Christmas (mostly because he was tired of the millions of books scattered thoughout the house)! I wasn't sure how I'd feel not having an actual book in my hand, but I LOVE it!

margie c said...

I'm a 'real book' kinda girl too! My hubs did buy me a colored Literati for Christmas, I have to admit, I really do like that I can read it in the dark ;) I look forward to reading books that I don't want to add to my collection :)

Jimmi said...

I forgot to add a FAB perk to using an e-reader...when I touch up my nail polish I am not afraid to turn a page...MAJOR bonus point for me ;)

Brooke said...

I love BOTH. I could spend hours in the library or a book store.. just looking at the covers.. reading a synopsis and loving the look and feel of REAL books... but I must say that since I've gotten my Kindle I've been able to read more.. simply for the fact that I can download within seconds and be enjoying a book when normally I would have to make time to stop in town or schedule a special trip since I'm a country bumpkin and we don't have any fabulous book stores near here.

My Scrap Diary said...

Im a true book gal! I love the feel and smell of a book. But also im all for e-readers. The portability of it is sooo easy. And you dont have to carry around a book that might weigh a ton. I have an ipad but Ive yet to read a book on it. Ill be getting some pdf books soon and I have a nook I can borrow but unfrtunatel :( its not one of the cool new colored ones. You girls that have one are lucky.
Jess M
Ps. I do have to say that Amber has a point about the battery dying tho. Im afraid that my batery would die on a long flight or trip so on my upcoming trips, Ill be lugging around my book and e-readers :D

Sarabeth said...

i'm completely obsessed with my nook-my sister margie (above) actually gave me a book to borrow and i was a little put off by having to actually hold a heavy book and turn pages-i've gone reading lazy but i still read lol.

the nook is great and i really am impressed with the battery life on mine, i always keep it on or sleeping never off and charge it only once in a while.

i work at our local university hospital overnights and sometimes we take turns doing 1:1 (it means i have to sit with 1 patient all night long-they are usually withdrawing and we just have to be sure they do not leave the bed unless appropriate) so needless to say i have a lot of reading time at night when they sleep the entire night through.

i get almost all my books on the nook and am looking for the perfect bookshelf unit so that i can collect hardcovers and classics :)

who has a nook-we can borrow books from each other, how cool is that!?