Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to talk reading!

Whoohooo! This is going to be such a fun group. Love all the intros that you all have posted. I think that we are still missing a couple, so please go back down to the post below and introduce yourself if you haven't done so already... ;o)

This IS a book group so we are going to start talking books!!

What is your favorite genre to read?

Do you mainly read fiction or nonfiction?

I think that since we are all here, we all like Chick lit/romance to certain degree, but what sub-genre do you enjoy most?
Here are just a few that I can think of, but there are so many:
*sci fi

Besides Chick lit/romance, what other fiction genres do you enjoy reading?

We will be talking authors next question so save those answers...


Christi Snow said...

I am a huge fiction reader...primarily romance. If I ever read anything else, chances are it's some sort of crafty book. ;o)

My favorite sub-genre in romance is military romance. I love a guy in uniform...I am married to a guy that did that for 20 years...and I love the edge of danger that this genre usually provides. It makes for some great romance.

I do love a fun contemporary read (like this month's book) or even the paranormals. I just usually love the military's more!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I'm really new to romance. I just started with them last year so I haven't really dabbled in them like I should. I have problems branching out when I find something I really like. So far, I've read contemporary and paranormal romance and I love both!

I might ask to borrow books from friends in different sub genres and see if I can get into it. :)

Christi Snow said...

What did you read before you discovered romance, Ash?? I love having new converts! ;o)

Amber Hight said...

I also read ONLY fiction, I like to get away and sucked in to another world! While I looove me some steamy romance, I'm equally addicted to my murder/mystery type books.

The romance sub genre I most enjoy is paranormal! Not only the obvious vampire/fallen angel type stories, but I also love the highlander time travel stories, and anything that just doesn't happen IRL, kwim?

I also enjoy historical fiction. I have a few of those waiting in the pile. Growing up I really loved the Christian historical fiction books (think Jannette Oake).

Giffysk8s said...
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Christi Snow said...

I have ALWAYS read romance (I remember reading my mom's harlequins when I was around 10) and for a LOT of those years it was historical romances. It's funny...dh is a HUGE history buff and reads non-fiction history ALL the time. Whenever he doesn't know a term, he asks me because I usually know the term...simply from reading historical romances all my life.

Vicki, have any of your childrens books been published? What age group do you write for?

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I used to read just chick lit. Like Nicolas Sparks, the Shopaholic series, etc... I also would read just regular fiction from the "fiction" section.

Amy said...

I would say paranormal first, then contemporary, then suspense although I would say I bounce between all of them..I probably most often read those...I like books with really strong character development and my favorites are ones with Kick Butt heroines..I love a character arc where the heroine had no idea she had it in her...or ones that make me laugh because they are so "real" if that makes sense?....and ok...I'll confess (since no one else is owning up..LOL) I do read some erotica from time to time...but I think most romance worth it's salt has a healthy dose of that in there anyway..;)

Christi Snow said...

LOL...Amy, you haven't been reading my reviews have you? I have had 3 erotics on there this week...it's just not the norm for me. I enjoy them, but I prefer the types that I listed (like you said with a healthy dose of that included.) ;o) I LOVE books with the heroines like you described...that's probably why we work so well off of each other's book lists. smiles...

Christy Lynn said...

I've been rather firmly planted in the scifi/fantasy section of the bookstore for most of my life, but I tend to gravitate towards the fantasy side of the bracket a bit more (you know, dragons and elves and swords and magic and all that stuff). Lately I've gotten more into the urban fantasy/paranormal romance type stuff, and I do still read quite a bit of stuff that's marketed for teens. I've never read much romance (I had a high school English teacher that called those "bodice ripper" novels) but since I read a lot faster than authors write, I need to find some new ones to stalk :)

Amber Hight said...

Christi, have you heard of the Hunger Games trilogy? I think you'd LOOOVE that one! It's aimed at teens but one of those books that teens, adults, boys, girls, men, and women ALL love, it's fantastic!

Jimmi said...

I have to say Romance is the closest to my heart. I remember reading those mushy Jr. High romance books so long ago and then I graduated more grown-up romance but I have to say my foray into these paranormal/romance books are definitely the most ADULT books I've ever read and I do enjoy them ;)
I'm interested in reading some autobiographies in the future so we will see!

margie c said...

I also read mostly fiction! Lately I've been addicted to YA - but to be honest, I don't see how some can be YA! geesh! I'm a bit over the whole wizard/vamps stuff and heading into the werewolves and fallen angels now... I do like to read autobiographies, and sometimes some romance too!

jan farnworth said...

i like comedy, sad books, sci-fi fantasy mostly fantasy. Horror love stephen king. Mysteries the scrapbooking mysteries are my favorite and i am currently reading the dresden files which is a mystery/fantasy.

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

I really read it all! I just love to read anything. Although I do have a soft spot for romance novels..and Im not ashamed to admit sometimes for a quick read I read Mills and Boon heheh love it!
Kristy xox

Stephanie said...

I read mainly fiction, but if there's a good nonfiction then I'd read it...but only recommendations from friends. =)
Ever since Twilight movies came out, I've been reading more paranormal/romance. I stay away from horror & sad genres. I can't sit still and watch a scary movie so I wouldn't be able to read one. Not that this is a horror book but Lovely Bones....I read a few chapters & I can't read it anymore. It's on my side table collecting dust.

Sarabeth said...

i love fiction, especially paranormal romance-hey it could happen right?

i have a book list i'm keeping here on all the books i am reading for 2011 so i hope through this group i'll be able to add a bunch more :)

www.saritas365.blogspot.com (on the side bar)

i like a little humor in my books too-nothing too serious unless i'm looking for something in particular, it's highly recommended or if i'm doing research.

i love kids books-i think it's great and it keeps me on my toes when i try to get my nephews to read with me :)

my next target is to try and get my hubby to read a good book with me!