Friday, May 25, 2012

NIGHT ROAD Discussion #3

1. When the senior-year partying starts, Jude knows that her kids are going to parties where alcohol is served, and she gets proof that they are drinking.
How should she have handled this?
Should she and Miles have forbidden them from going to parties?
Why didn’t they?
What were they afraid of?

2. In knowing about the drinking, were Jude and Miles tacitly allowing it?
Is it enough to tell your kids about the dangers of drinking and driving and then trust them to make good decisions?

3.  In many parts of the country, parents choose to have a “take-the-keys” party for their teenage children, with the thought that it will be a safer environment.
What do you think of this? Would you do it?

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Kim Muhl said...

1. I don't know about how they should've handled it, but if I knew there was drinking or anything else that is illegal going on at party, my kids would NOT be allowed to go. It's not my job to be popular or cool or liked, it's my job as a parent to keep my kids safe and teach them right from wrong.

2. I feel that yes, by knowing and not allowing them to go to the parties, they are turning a blind eye to it. Yes, maybe drinking goes on as most teen parties, but that doesn't make it right IMHO.

3. There are so many parents around here that do it and I think it's wrong. It's illegal and as "cool" as many think it is to go to a party and drink/get drunk, it's still illegal. That is not a lesson I want to teach my kids.