Sunday, May 27, 2012

NIGHT ROAD Discussion #4

1. Jude seems to find a kind of solace in her grief.  It appears that she would rather stop feeling anything than to experience her own pain.
Do you think this is believable? Understandable?

2. How did Jude’s handling of grief add to the heartache her family suffered?
How do her perceptions of fault play into her coldness?

3. Jude has an extremely strained relationship with her own mother.
How does this broken relationship contribute to the story?


Kim Muhl said...

1. Believable, yes. Understandable, sort of. Jude's entire life was revolved around her kids...mostly Mia. When she died, so did Jude's purpose.

2. I had a hard time with her decision. Yes, I think it was right for her to admit guilt and pay for her actions. She did learn from it. However, she wasn't the only one that did something wrong.

3. Lexi just wanted to be loved and accepted. By driving that night, I think she wanted to make her friends/boyfriend happy by getting them home so they wouldn't be in trouble. She also didn't want to make Grace angry by calling to get picked up.

Shana said...

1. Believable, understable, but still selfish after a point.

2. She made everything worse! She may have lost one child in a physical sense, but she chose to lose the other in an emotional sense by pretty much abandoning him as she wallowed in her own pain. She's upset she lost part of her motherly role but heloooo your other kid is sitting here waiting for even a hug.

She is very very very much at fault for the accident, especially since she told the kids to call when they have no d.d. and then grounded them for doing so - exactly the opposite of the "no questions asked" rule she told them about. So they learned from that to NOT call her, otherwise they would have called her that night and everyone would have been home safe, if not a tad ticked off. Why is this all Lexi's fault?? Lexi gets a HUGEEE punishment and everyone else gets to go home?

3. Jude overcompensates for her own faulty upbringing by going overboard.