Thursday, May 31, 2012

NIGHT ROAD Final Discussion

1.  Lexi pays an very high price for her actions that night.
Did she do the right thing by admitting guilt?
How does her past play into and contribute to the decisions she makes about Grace?

2.  Jude says at one point that she is seeking “justice” from the court.
Is she?
Did she find it?

3.  Assign blame for what happened on that tragic night.
How much of what happened is Lexi’s fault? Zach’s? Jude’s? Mia’s?

4.  In the end of the novel, Jude learns that “in the sea of grief, there were islands of grace, moments in time when one could remember what was left rather than all that had been lost.”
What does she mean by this?
How does it summarize the lessons she and Lexi learned?
How will this new understanding change all their lives?
Do you believe it?
Do you think a person can ever truly overcome a tragedy of this magnitude, and if so, how?

1 comment:

Kim Muhl said...

1. I think she did, but hated how much it cost her.

2. I don't think she wanted justice. She wanted someone else to take full blame for what happened. If Lexi was guilty, then she wouldn't have to blame herself for letting the kids go to a party where alcohol was involved. No, she didn't get justice because Lexi's punishment didn't take away the pain, bring Mia back.

3. Everyone was at fault. Lexi for driving, Zach for drinking, Jude for turning a blind eye, and Mia for getting trash and not wearing a seat belt. I don't believe there was one person totally at was a combination of choices and decisions that led to the accident.